Reddish-Brown Moth

2015 June 10

This quietly attractive reddish-brown moth is from the porch light on September 7, 2014. It was about an inch long, give or take a bit.

As is so often the case with moths and caterpillars, as far as identifying it I’ve gone up on the rocks and commenced to sink fast. And the folks on BugGuide appear to be similarly mystified.

Anyway, the slightly rusty color is reasonably good camouflage on bark. It may be an owlet moth of some type, as they are common, and notoriously difficult to identify. I might need to wait for Technology to March On until computers can actually pattern-match a moth out of a lineup. Anyway, at least Google Images immediately recognizes that it is a moth, which is a pretty marked improvement over what it could do just last year.

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  1. June 12, 2015

    Great pics here! It’s definitely a very interesting rust color in this moth. Wish we knew specifically what kind it was! Thanks for sharing.

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