September Caddisflies

2015 June 13

The adult caddisflies I’ve posted in the past were drawn to our porch light and caught in November, but these were a bit earlier, coming to the light on September 19, 2014.

The first one was gray and mottled, but has the standard wing-shape for caddisflies.

Unfortunately, caddisflies don’t seem to get photographed all that much, and the ones that do get posted online are generally the prettier ones. I’m not having much luck finding a match for this, is what I’m hinting at here.

The second one had more distinctive patterning on the wings, I think it is probably one of the Northern Caddisflies in the genus Platycentropus.

So anyway, these most likely came from the little stream north of our house. Or, perhaps from the swampy pond back in the woods. Whenever we go back there with the aquatic insect net, we turn up dozens of caddisfly larvae in their little cases, so we are likely to get a lot of different species there.

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