Brown Mushrooms

2016 February 27

These small brown mushrooms were photographed on August 31, 2014. This was a couple of years ago, before I really started considering posting plants and fungi on these pages, so these photos are not all that they could be. The mushrooms were growing in the trail through the woods, which had been ripped down to bare ground and had a lot of wood pieces ground into it when the loggers came through a few years back[1]. Whatever kind of fungus they are, we have a lot of them around.


The mushroom tops are fairly smooth and almost the color of tanned leather, and taper to thin, slightly wavy edges.


This next picture is terrible, but I include it just to show that the mushroom stems are thin and fairly featureless, and that the underside of the cap has gills.


Without a spore print or a picture of the underside of the cap, getting an ID on this is probably beyond me. It looks kind of like several of the mushrooms in the family Entolomataceae, which is a big family of ground-growing mushrooms. Many of which are toxic. So no, don’t eat it. And washing hands after handling is probably a good idea, too.

[1] Most of the green plants growing on that spot were clover that Sandy and I had seeded on the trail the previous year, so that it would re-vegetate faster. Because we like walking on that trail, and it is nicer to walk on when it isn’t pure mud.

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