2024 May 26

I took myself out for a walk on the snowmobile trails this morning, and past this picturesque little stream cutting a grotto in the hillside. If you look closely on the left side near the middle, there are plants with tiny little blue flowers. These are “Forget-Me-Nots”, and are most likely the Woodland Forget-Me-Not, Myosotis_sylvatica. Here’s a closer shot of the plants,

And a zoom in on some of the flowers.

They are native to Europe, and have been imported to North America as a bedding plant to go along with other flowers that bloom early in the spring. They have rather taken to our climate, particularly in wet areas like this little grotto. They are widespread, but I don’t know as I would call them “invasive”, since they only really seem to exist for a while in the spring and appear to get along well with other plants.

They are attractive little flowers, and don’t appear to do any harm, so I like them.

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