Green Leuconycta

2012 June 6

This pretty large, mottled moth with pale green coloration on much of the wings was on our house siding on July 3, 2011.

On BugGuide, shotguneddie gave me an ID of the Green Leuconycta, Leuconycta diphteroides. These are often a lot greener than this, but are also often even less green, although they pretty much always have the dark trapezoid going most of the way across the middle of each forewing.

It appears to be female from the thin antennae.

The scales on the wings appear to be kind of elongated, almost like hair.

The larvae eat goldenrod and aster, two plants that are not cultivated, so these moths are not of much concern to most people. The camouflage is a pretty good simulation of the type of lichen that grows on tree bark, so I’d expect that that’s where they hang out during the day.

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