Gray Click Beetle

2015 December 2

I think it was Rosie that found me this click beetle on June 18, 2015.

I don’t know where she found it, but judging from how filthy it was, it was most likely in the garbage somewhere.

It looks quite a bit like one of the ones that I posted back in 2012. The pattern isn’t exact, but it looks like the color is mainly in scales all over the beetle, that come off in random patterns. This one looks like his face is pale on one side, and dark on the other[1]

Here’s a shot showing the prong on the underside that is part of the click mechanism.

So, it appears to be Danosoma brevicorne, a fairly common click beetle. In spite of being common, its life history is evidently unknown, due to not being a particlar pest species, and not being sufficiently different from other click beetles to draw a lot of attention. Like the previous specimen in 2012, this one didn’t seem to want to click, either. I had thought that it was due to the previous one having a worn-out clicker, but now I’m thinking that this is probably a trait of the species.

[1] Like Bele and Lokai!

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