White-Fringed Emerald

2016 March 9

So, last Wednesday I posted a species of pale green moths that came to the porch light on June 15, 2015. Here is the other species of green moths that came on the same night. These were about half the size, and greener.

Based on the shade of green, the lack of any color in the wing fringes, the straight (not wavy) white lines on the wings, and the lack of other identifying colors, I think these are White-Fringed Emeralds, Nemoria mimosaria

I almost didn’t take pictures of these because I thought I’d photographed this species already. But, it turns out that the previous one was actually a Wavy-Lined Emerald. And this one is clearly different, since the white lines on its wings are, well, not wavy. Plus the green color is not nearly as intense. It is a relative, though, and has the same sort of caterpillars – inchworms that camouflage themselves with debris. These eat a number of different kinds of woody plants. The list of foodplants on BugGuide includes everything from oak and birch to evergreens like hemlock and spruce, along with all the other usual food trees that we have in the area.

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