Subgothic Dart Moth

2016 April 6

This moth was at the light on August 4, 2015. Again, its general appearance screams “some kind of cutworm or dart moth”.


After searching, I found something that has pretty much exactly the same pattern, although mine’s patterning is not as clear and distinct. It looks like a somewhat faded Subgothic Dart Moth, Feltia subgothica.


And no, I don’t know what “Subgothic” means, either. Less than gothic? Having markings vaguely similar to Gothic architecture? Part of the Goth subculture? Who knows?

The caterpillars are evidently generalist feeders, and are likely to eat most anything. This includes a lot of cultivated plants, and so they are likely to be garden pests. Since this moth emerged in August, the caterpillars are probably mostly feeding through spring and early summer.

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