Light Brown Geometrid Moth

2015 June 3

Porch light, September 7, 2014. I only got dorsal shots of this moth, because it was lying so flat I couldn’t see anything from the side. The pose screams, “Geometrid Moth!”[1], so that’s the family I looked to for a match.

It looks like one of the “waves” in the subfamily Sterrhinae, and specifically I think it looks most like the Common Tan Wave, Pleuroprucha insulsaria

The head and antennae look right, as does the wing fringing.

The caterpillars are extremely unfussy inchworms. They evidently eat everything from willow, to corn and goldenrod. Some of these plants have pretty good chemical defenses against being eaten, so these caterpillars must have equally good abilities to detoxify their food.

[1] There are a lot of geometrids (like this one) that lay flat with their forewings so far forward that their leading edges go practically straight across, and their hindwings nearly fully exposed. There are even more geometrids that do not rest like this, but I have yet to see any non-geometrids that take this pose.

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  1. June 3, 2015

    I love the fringe. It looks like a buckskin jacket of the faux-Indian type that was worn by rock stars in the 60s and 70s.

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