Caterpillars in Snapdragon Blossoms

2023 September 10

In early August, Sandy bought a bouquet of flowers from the local farmer’s market. It was mostly snapdragons. And on August 10, 2023, we noticed that there were little caterpillars living in the blossoms.

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Mixed-Species Wasp Nest

2023 September 4

On July 22, 2023, a friend of ours asked for some help with a wasp nest right over his front door.

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Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil

2023 August 27
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Case-Bearing Beetle Larva

2023 August 20

Sandy bought some locally-grown strawberries at a roadside stand on July 10, 2023. When she got them home, she and the girls were cleaning them, and found this tiny object that appeared to be some kind of pupa, so they kept it for me.

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Striped Deer Fly

2023 July 23

Sam spotted this deer fly on the milkweeds beside our back door on July 8, 2023

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Balding Jumping Spider from Living Room Wall

2023 July 9
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Green Crane Fly

2023 July 2
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Tiny White Spider from Kitchen

2023 June 25
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Office Spider

2023 June 18
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Dragonfly found beside road

2023 June 11
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